Is Black Unemployment a Human Rights Issue?

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From The Grio - The United Nations may consider investigating whether the persistently high unemployment rate among African Americans is a violation of human rights. A group of employment advocates, including the National Employment Law Project and the New York Urban Justice Center, contend that the overrepresentation of African Americans among those who are unemployed and living in poverty is a human rights violation. Indeed, African American unemployment is currently at 16.5 percent, nearly twice the national average of 9.7 percent. For African American males age 20 and over, the unemployment rate is 19 percent, nearly twice the national average. For African American women, the rate is twice that of their white counterparts, and among African American teenagers, the unemployment rate looms at 41 percent.

The visible successes of a relative few African Americans can mask the widespread structural inequality facing many of our communities. Research by Algernon Austin at the Economic Policy Institute has demonstrated the consistently high rates of under- and unemployment among African Americans as evidence of a "permanent recession." This is true, he argues, when the economy is strong. So, when the rest of the nation is experiencing a recession, what are African Americans experiencing? That's right, a depression.

(Do you agree? Should this be looked into by the UN? Read on @ The Grio)

Comments: (24)

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